Aquascape Designs Inc. is the largest manufacturer of pond supplies in North America. They have been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America for 4 years in a row. The Certified Aquascapes Contractors (CAC) program was formed by Aquascape Designs to aid people who are considering a pond installation to find a quality and reputable installer of its product. Last year 56,000 landscape contractors purchased pond products from Aquascape Designs and approximately 250 have earned the right to be a CAC. CAC’s are considered the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. So you can rest assured that when you hire a CAC you are hiring the best of the best.  
  • Training – All CAC candidates must receive a high level of training and attend classes by Aquascape Designs Inc. The training included both field and classroom experiences.
  • Quality – A CAC candidate’s workmanship must be approved by Aquascape Designs’ own construction crew and a review board of CAC members.
  • Knowledge – A CAC is knowledgeable and trained on all Aquascape Products and has the ability to answer any question you may have with your pond.
  • Customer Service – CAC’s must provide outstanding customer service including after the installation is complete.
  • Dedication – CAC’s are established, dedicated companies in the pond building profession.
  • Continued Education – CAC’s must earn Continuing Education Units by attending field and class room training in order to maintain the CAC status.
  • Teamwork- CACs work closely with Aquascape Designs and Aquascape Designs’ distributors to ensure only the highest quality ponds are installed. CAC’s help provide valuable field experience about Aquascape Designs products including future product designs.
  Premier Water Features is proud to be a Certified Aquascape Contractor. Being CAC certified is an important part of our commitment to excellence. When you make the decision to choose Premier Water Features, you will feel comfortable knowing that you are receiving the most qualified contractor to build your own beautiful backyard oasis.